Treasury Management

Tradition Capital Bank offers concierge-style services that expedite financial transactions to simplify running your business.

ACH Origination Services

Tradition Capital Bank's ACH Origination services allow you to electronically send and collect payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. This product will help streamline your payment processes and eliminate the costs associated with manual check processing. ACH also provides control over your cash flow by allowing you to specify the effective date of collections and disbursements. To originate these payments, our customers use our web-based origination software, ACH Manager.

Business Check Card

Our Business Check Card lets you make purchases anywhere VISA is accepted with funds from your Tradition Capital Bank checking account, with no annual fee. This is a convenient purchasing option with no need for checks. Daily spending limits are available for each employee with limited access to cash at most ATMs.

Business Credit Cards

Tradition Capital Bank has several different credit card options to meet your needs. These cards are issued to designated employees with a specific monthly spending limit. Account repayment responsibility lies with both the employee and the company, with either individual or central billing and payment options. A comprehensive set of reports is provided each month showing a summary of activity for all cardholding employees.

Business Online Banking

For your information reporting needs, we offer our web-based online banking system. This is a full service electronic link to Tradition Capital Bank that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This online information reporting system forms the foundation and delivery mechanism through which your Treasury Management services are available. This includes access to current and previous day information, bank statements for the prior 18 months, transaction details, and the ability to initiate stop payments, internal transfers and wire transfers. Business Online Banking allows for multiple users with multiple security levels.

Merchant Credit Card Processing

Tradition Capital Bank has partnered with Elavon to deliver the industry's leading merchant processing solutions. By combining our banking expertise with Elavon's premier payment processing network, you can enjoy a one-stop solution for all of your banking and payment processing needs. We offer competitive rates, detailed reporting and next-day deposit availability.

Positive Pay

With Positive Pay, you can enhance cash control and minimize risk from unauthorized or altered checks. Our system automatically matches checks presented for collection to your check issued file. We produce a daily exception report of unmatched checks. After reviewing the daily exception report, you decide and notify our staff if an exception item should be paid or returned. This product will help streamline your account reconciliation process while strengthening internal controls.

Remote Deposit

We offer you the ability to conveniently deposit checks without leaving your office. By using a personal computer and desktop check scanner, customers create and send check images to us for deposit. Transactions may be submitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You benefit from increased productivity and a later deposit deadline.

Sweep Accounts

Tradition Capital Bank offers several types of sweep services to our customers to maximize returns, minimize interest expense, and simplify their daily funds management. Customers can choose from an Investment Sweep, a Loan Sweep, a Zero Balance Account Sweep or a combination of all three.

Wholesale Lockbox

With our Wholesale Lockbox service, your remittances are directed to a post office box and deposits are processed by our service provider. Our provider handles the entire deposit process, from collecting the mail to providing remittance detail information, thus eliminating the need for in-house remittance processing. Imaged Lockbox Services are also available.

Wire Transfers

The Wire Transfer network provides an efficient and secure way to provide accurate delivery of your funds. We offer both domestic and foreign wire transfers.