Statement of Financial Condition

Dear Valued Client:

Ten years ago, an idea was born. Our founders wanted to create a bank that draws on concepts from a time when the customer came first. The final product was Tradition Capital Bank, a full-service, Twin Cities bank focused on building strong, one-on-one client relationships and providing a total solution approach to a select market.
On July 5, 2015, we celebrate our ten year anniversary and begin our next chapter. As we move forward, we remain committed to our core focus of providing exceptional service. We make this commitment not only to our clients, but also to our community.
Our balance sheet is well-capitalized and positioned for continued growth. With more than $27.5 million in capital, our lending limit has grown to more than $5 million. With a strong network of participant banks, we can readily accommodate credit needs of up to $15 million. Combine this with our expertise and state-of-the-art Treasury Management, and we have the ability to serve a broad market.
In addition to our strong balance sheet, we continue to invest in new staff and technology to better serve you, including enhanced online and mobile banking products. Looking ahead in 2015, we see continued market improvement. Our portfolio of clients is healthy and trending positively, and this will continue to foster new loan and deposit growth. This optimism is grounded in the belief that our success is the result of our dedication to the success of you – our clients.
Thank you for trusting your banking relationship to Tradition Capital Bank. We work for you.


Dan Fagan

Dan P. Fagan
President & CEO


Balance Sheet

December 31, 2014
($ thousands)

Total Assets 325,709
Real Estate Loans 194,808
Commercial Loans 52,932
Individual Loans 5,228
Other LN and LS 30,237
          Gross Loans 283,124
     Loans Held For Sale 0
     Loans Not Held For Sale 283,124
     Allowance for Loan Losses 3,413
          Net Loans and Leases 279,711
U.S. Treasury and Agency Securities 12,603
Municipal Securities 10,408
Interest-Bearing Bank Balances 12,761
Non-interest Cash and Due From Banks 3,603
Premises, Fix Assets, Capital Leases 501
Other Real Estate Owned 2,647
Acceptances and Other Assets 3,475
Total Liabilities and Capital 325,709
Demand Deposits 133,939
Money Market Deposit Accounts 75,764
Other Savings Deposits 922
Time Deposits at or Below Insurance Limit 31,438
Time Deposits Above Insurance Limit 19,986
     Total Deposits 262,049
Federal Funds Purchased and Resale 0
Federal Home Loan Borrowings 35,500
Acceptances and Other Liabilities 1,254
     Total Liabilities (Including Mortgages) 298,803
     Total Bank Capital 26,906


Statement of Income

December 31, 2014
($ thousands)

Interest and Fees On Loans 12,638
U.S. Treasury and Agency (Excludes MBS) 75
All Other Securities 127
Interest on Due From Banks 55
Interest on Federal Funds Sold and Resales 0
Other Interest Income 47
Total Interest Income (TE) 12,942
Interest on Time Deposits Over $100M 406
Interest on All Other Deposits 1,077
Interest on Federal Funds Purchased and Repossessed 9
Interest on Traditional Liability and Other Borrowings 127
Total Interest Expense 1,619
Net Interest Income (TE) 11,323
Non-interest Income 852
Non-interest Expense 7,846
Provision: Loan & Lease Losses 322
Net Operating Income 4,007


Historical Reference

 TCB Total Deposits (millions) Bar Chart imageTCB Net Principal Loans (millions) Bar Chart image TCB Total Deposits (millions) Bar Chart image