Statement of Financial Condition

Dear Valued Client:

At Tradition Capital Bank, we strive to live out our core values every day in order to deliver financial services with integrity, responsiveness, and care.  In 2015, by continuing to build a network of individuals and businesses who value the relationship-based approach we take to banking, we have shared in the success of our partners.  After ten years in business, Tradition Capital Bank is a strong and vibrant institution.

In 2014, Tradition Capital Bank and its Board of Directors launched a strategic plan that will be achieved when the bank produces a 20% return on equity after reinvesting 10% of its profits back into the community.  One year into that plan, the bank is performing ahead of schedule by nearly all measurements without compromising our risk management standards or core values.  With your support and business referrals, Tradition Capital Bank ended the year in excess of $430 million in assets, which is year-over-year growth of more than 30%.

In addition to our financial performance, growth, and profitability, we remain committed to building and maintaining our TCB culture and way of doing business, enhancing our client experience, and investing in our community. Tradition Capital Bank is an organization with a vision to “enrich the lives of the people we serve” both in what we do and how we do it. 

On behalf of our Board of Directors and entire staff at Tradition Capital Bank, we want to thank you.  Much of our success is attributed to the business that you do and the business you refer to your bank.


Dan Fagan

Dan P. Fagan
President & CEO


Balance Sheet

December 31, 2015
($ thousands)

Total Assets $431,266
Real Estate Loans $261,915
Commercial Loans 49,097
Individual Loans 5,552
Other LN and LS 29,011
          Gross Loans 345,575
     Unearned Income 55
     Allowance for Loan Losses 3,994
          Net Loans 341,526
U.S. Treasury and Agency Securities 31,933
Municipal Securities 31,857
Interest-Bearing Bank Balances 15,519
Non-interest Cash and Due From Banks 4,637
Premises, Fix Assets, Capital Leases 616
Other Real Estate Owned 1,617
Other Assets 3,561
Total Liabilities and Capital $431,266
Demand Deposits 34,952
Money Market Deposit Accounts 94,725
Other Savings Deposits 148,807
Time Deposits  89,021
     Total Deposits 367,505
Federal Funds Purchased 0
Federal Home Loan Borrowings 24,500
Other Liabilities 1,440
     Total Liabilities 393,445
     Total Bank Capital 37,821


Statement of Income

December 31, 2015
($ thousands)

Interest and Fees On Loans $15,550
U.S. Treasury and Agency (Excludes MBS) 197
All Other Securities 206
Interest on Due From Banks 68
Other Interest Income 46
Total Interest Income 16,067
Interest on Deposits 1,892
Interest on Federal Funds Purchased 1
Interest on Borrowings 91
Total Interest Expense 1,984
Net Interest Income 14,083
Non-interest Income 775
Non-interest Expense 8,847
Provision for Loan Losses 504
Net Income $5,507


Historical Reference


2015 Total Assets

2015 Total Loans

2015 Total Deposits