Marcia (Marci) Malzahn

Marcia (Marci) Malzahn is executive vice president, chief operating officer and chief risk officer of Tradition Capital Bank. She oversees the areas of Operations, Compliance, Internal Audit, Enterprise Risk Management, Office Management, and Information Technology. She is also the Corporate Secretary of the holding company’s board. Marci has over twenty years of banking experience in various areas including Finance/Accounting, Retail Banking, Treasury Management, Private Banking, Operations, HR and IT. Marci has eighteen years of management experience, the last twelve years in senior level management. Prior to becoming CRO, Marci was also the CFO for the past nine years.

Marci worked previously at Marquette Bank Minneapolis and Marquette Capital Bank Then she moved to the non-profit field and worked at a 501(c) 3 charitable organization for five years overseeing Finance/Accounting, HR and IT, with a staff of 28 employees and a $30MM budget. In 2005, Marci returned to banking and was part of the startup team of Tradition Capital Bank. She started as vice president of operations and CFO.