Correspondent Lending Program

Correspondent Lending Program

Our Correspondent Lending division invests in closed residential mortgage loans purchased from financial institutions. Through our many investor relationships, we’re able to offer conventional loan products as well as arrange financing for borrowers with better pricing to our Correspondent Sellers.

We believe stability and reliability are key components in any successful partnership, so our philosophy is to deliver best-in-class execution for you to incorporate into your business model. With years of valuable experience as a mortgage resource and partner, our goal is to earn your business by first earning your trust.
  • Quick turn times and personalized service
  • Conventional product offering includes Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • Extended Locks available up to 1 year
  • Perfect for lenders who neither meet the capital requirements necessary nor have access to mandatory product offerings

Mortgage Warehouse Program

Providing the financing mechanism of a Mortgage Loans in Transit Agreement, this program funds a mortgage company’s individual loans from origination until they’re packaged and sold into the secondary market. 

The program consists of two components: (1) the interim purchase of individual loans and (2) a back-up line of credit. Because we fund individual loans, your credit line includes a back-up line of credit to be used only if the initial take-out investor falls through.  

  • Loans are originated and closed directly through the lender giving your business more control.
  • Validation of loan-level data is conducted against your take-out investor’s commitment to purchase, so you can feel more comfortable with the interim purchase of your loan.
  • Closed loan packages are shipped to us for final review to ensure further peace of mind. 
  • Non-captive credit facility allows you to sell to a broader audience of secondary investors.

At Tradition Capital Bank, we place a high value on personal relationships, and we devote our extraordinary know-how, energy and networking strategies to accomplish your banking objectives. We’re more than just a great bank. We pride ourselves on being a great partner who always works hard to make things happen for you.