About Us

Working for you since 2005.

Tradition Capital Bank was founded in 2005 around one simple idea: strong one-on-one relationships with our clients. In this way, we deliver a significantly higher level of service to clientele who appreciate a more personal approach. Our strategy is not to appeal to the masses, but to become a total solution for select individuals who require more from their bank. This is not a new concept in the banking world, but one that is sorely missing in this market. The name originates from our key strategic partner, Tradition Companies. Together, we bring a full financial offering to our clients.

Since opening our doors on July 5, 2005, our success story has been continually unfolding. After an initial $10.75 million in capital was raised from investors, the bank turned a profit after only nine months in business. Year-over-year, growth has continued reaching more than $400 million in assets with just over 850 relationships.

Moving forward, we remain as steadfast as ever in our commitment to personal service for our clients. We welcome you to become part of our bank. Explore our services, then contact us to find out how Tradition Capital Bank can work for you.